Monday, January 12, 2015

An open request to the New York Times re the jihadists

This is  an open request to the New York Times---that it write an open letter to Muslim jihadists that says the following:

Dear ISIS, ISIL, AQAP, Inspire Magazine, and all Muslim jihadists,

We have always had a policy of not publishing material that we consider to be tasteless or inflammatory—in picture or in word. However, based on recent events and this paper's commitment to free speech, we demand that you issue a public apology in all media, for past killings of cartoonists and writers with which you have disagreed and, in addition, immediately, issue a public promise in all media, to end killings—and threats of same--of such individuals from this point forward. If you do not, the NYT will forgo the afore stated policy, and will immediately publish, in special and regular editions, past cartoons and writings and future cartoons and writings with which you may disagree. Again, this is our commitment to free speech.

We ask also,  that all media having like policy, with respect to material selected for publication, declare to do likewise.


The New York Times

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