Tuesday, January 27, 2015

9-11 28-page redaction dispute

“...the bipartisan resolution introduced a year ago to declassify this [9-11] information has about 21 co-sponsors, essentially split equally down party lines. Although Representatives Jones and Lynch are pushing hard for the total declassification of this material, it appears their efforts have been thwarted and the resolution is stalled again.
Bush Jr. claimed he was concerned the release of this “sensitive” information might jeopardize the “War on Terror”.
Gee, I wonder why? Perhaps it was because the Saudis royals and Bush family were a little too friendly. However Obama’s reluctance to declassify this information is clearly an enigma. Obama was all about “transparency”, wasn’t he?
Who else could possibly be involved in 9/11 besides the Saudis? I guess will never know for sure. Kind of like the Kennedy assassination.
"Omission is the most powerful form of a lie." - George Orwell”

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